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Brothers Complete "TURKEY Meal & EGG Formula" with “Advanced Allergy Care”, is made with TURKEY Meal and WHOLE EGGS dried, which are the first two and most abundant ingredients in Brothers Complete. 


Egg is natures perfect protein; it contains all 22 Amino acids, is easily absorbed, and is the only protein that the body uses completely (100% bioavailable). Over 90% of the protein in Brothers is animal sourced protein, which is what your friendly, family carnivore is designed to eat.


Most pet foods today contain large quantities of grain and /or potatoes and these ingredients are causing numerous problems in dogs who were designed to eat and process animal protein and fat – not grain and potato. Numerous skin conditions and allergy-related symptoms have been associated with grain and white potato in dogs.


We start with high quality human grade protein; to which we add Enzymes, PREbiotics, and PRObiotics to create an exceptionally healthy and nutritious dog food that heals and generates health from the inside out. The cassava/tapioca, we use as a binder is obtained from the roots of the cassava plant (manihot esculenta) and is a natural source of low glycemic carbohydrates. This low glycemic starch allows Brothers to formulate a food that is closer to a wolf/dog’s historic diet which is based predominantly on animal proteins.


Additionally, some studies have shown that up to 50% of the cassava starch survives the digestive process and, instead of being absorbed into the blood stream as a starch, goes through to the colon where it feeds the trillions of beneficial bacteria there that are essential for the health and functioning of the colon, the immune system, and the body as a whole. For all practical purposes, the diversion of up to 50% of this low glycemic starch away from absorption into the general biological system and into to the colon instead, where it serves as an additional prebiotic and feeds the beneficial bacteria, makes Brothers an even greater source of protein and nutrients than reflected in the percentages given in the Guaranteed Analysis.


In the last few years, some pet food manufacturers have eliminated or restricted the use of grains but have substituted white potato instead. White potatoes have a higher glycemic index than white sugar (80 to 110 versus sugar at 65) which puts a strain on the adrenal and pancreatic systems because it spikes the blood sugar and produces a large insulin response every time the dog eats. The high glycemic property of the white potato also feeds the Candida Albicans yeast in the colon which, when overgrown, becomes a fungus whose rhizomes grow into the mucosal lining of the intestine causing gaps in the surface, contributing to a condition known as “leaky gut” which allows matter from the colon, including the Candida Fungus, to get into the blood stream. This causes to a condition known as "Systemic Candida" which leads to a host of skin problems and allergy-related conditions.

Another problem with potatoes occurs when they are too old, sprout small roots, or are exposed to light or warm temperatures above 60 degrees F for too long. These conditions cause the potato to generate a neurotoxin called solanine which is extremely toxic. Potatoes rejected from the human food chain, and used in the dog food industry, are all too often stored under less than ideal conditions and can be a source of solanine if used in dog food.

Potatoes and grains (due to improper preparation) are also a source of "Lectins" which can cause "Leaky Gut", compromise the functioning of the colon, and severly reduce the ability of the cilia to extract necessary minerals and vitamins from the food because they are glyco-proteins that gum up the cilia and cause them to mat together, thus reducing the surface area available to extract nutrition from the dog food.

Another possible problem when potatoes are heated to high temperatures is the production of acrylamide which is a recognized carcinogen. For these, and other reasons relating to a dogs health, all of Brothers Complete Formulas are grain and potato free.

Brothers Complete products are preserved naturally with a combination of mixed tocopherals (Vitamin E). Rosemary extract, and green tea extract. Because Vitamin E is light and heat sensitive, we package our food in light-proof foil and keep it in a dark, air-conditioned storage facility at 60 F until the day it is shipped to you, to maintain the effectiveness of the natural preservatives we use.

Most dog foods can spend 3 to 6 months or longer, in hot warehouses before reaching the retail outlets. Then they can sit on shelves in pet food stores for several more months before being purchased by the customer. Brothers Complete is manufactured in small batches and one day after our food is made it is put in a dark, air-conditioned storage facility and kept at 60 F to maintain maximum freshness and nutritional bioavailability.

Ingredients: Turkey meal, Whole Eggs dried, pea starch, cassava/tapioca, peas, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), Chicken Liver dried, pumpkin, ground flaxseed, alfalfa meal, dried carrots, potassium chloride, sea salt, choline chloride, Whole Cell Algae dried (pure source of omega 3 DHA), mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract, green tea extract, Encapsulated Probiotics [dried enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried lactobacillus casei fermentation product], Enzymes [Amylase (aspergillus oryzae), Protease (aspergillus oryzae), Cellulase (trichoderma reesei), Lactase (aspergillus oryzae), Hemicellulase (trichoderma reesei), Lipase (aspergillus oryzae), Prebiotic [organic, long chain, highly branched Inulin], vegetable pomace (carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, spinach), cranberry pomace, Lysine HCL, DL-Methionine, Lecithin, Taurine, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 suppliment, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, niacin, folic acid, biotin, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, L-ascorbyl 2-polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C activity), zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite, cobalt carbonate, Vitamin B12 supplement, L-Carnitine.


Nutritionally complete and balanced, Brothers Complete® Turkey & Egg is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.



Brothers Complete is a very nutritionally dense dog food. When switching to Brothers Complete we recommend going slowly and adding Brothers Complete into the old food over a 1 week time period. Every dog is different and tolerates change at his or her own level. Below are the suggested daily feeding recommendations. The amount one feeds his or her dog varies with age, activity level, and environment. So it best to monitor your dog during the first week or two to determine to the ideal feeding amount.



  Dog's Weight (lbs)            Amount of Food Per Day (cups)

  • Up to 25 LBS                     ¼ to 1 Cup
  • 26-50 LBS                           1-2 Cups
  • 51-75 LBS                           2-3 Cups
  • 76 LBS and Over                  3-5 Cups
  • Puppies                        Puppies can require as much as 50% to 100% more food during growth and high activity phases but it's important that they not be overfed. You should be able to feel their ribs but not see them. Check their weight at least once a week and adjust to maintain an ideal weight.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude protein, minimum 37.00%
  • Crude fat, minimum 15.00%
  • Crude fiber, maximum 4.00%
  • Moisture, maximum 10.00%
  • Vitamin E, minimum 200 IU/kg
  • Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), minimum 100 mg/kg
  • Zinc, minimum 200 mg/kg
  • Calcium 1.51%
  • Phosphorus 0.96%
  • Ash 8.04%
  • Omega 6 fatty acids, minimum 3.07 %*
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, minimum 0.73 %*
  • Omega 3 DHA (Doxosahexaenoic Acid), min 0.04%*
  • Encapsulated Probiotics - Lactic acid bacteria 2,000,000 cfu/gram dog food*
  • Enzymes (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, Hemicellulase, Lipase)  10.0 FCC DU/g*


*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.


CALORIES:  (M.E. Calculated)  3,780 kcal/kg   415 kcal/cup



Reviewed by Jane, 04/05/2015

When are you guys back in stock ? My pup has been living off the sample supply! Haha

Reviewed by Paula Applegate and Tyler, 03/06/2015

Tyler loves Turkey and Egg formula and his itching has stopped and his ear infections are going away. Very quick results already! Tyler has tried all the Brother's Complete foods and this one is his favorite. I like to rotate Turkey, to Venison to Lamb and Chicken and he likes them all but the Turkey he LOVES! Thanks Brother's Complete, you made a believer out of me!

Reviewed by Caroline C., 09/11/2014

My Great Dane is doing absolutely fantastic on this food. He is 8 years old and his digestive system doesn't work as well as it used to. He can't eat the grain-free foods with chickpeas and lentils in them anymore. This food has been a lifesaver!

Reviewed by Veronica, 09/09/2014

If I could rate this product a million stars I would! My little guy (a Terrier Mix) has been eating this food for over a year now and we will NEVER go back! He had allergies and recurring severe ear infections. His medicine bag looked like one for a sick human. I was fed up with giving him meds and vet bills. After researching, I came across the Dog Food Advisor site and ultimately Brothers Complete. After reading such positive reviews I decided to try it out. I stopped all other treats and only gave him this food. He not only loved it, but his symptoms (licking his paws, bitting his back, rubbing himself on the carpet to scratch, and ear infections) began to disappear. They even sent us a complimentary bag of treats which he also loved! I am so thankful he has a good for him food that truly keeps him healthy & happy. I pray you never change your formula and keep the phenomenal service as well!

Reviewed by Patricia DeRuosi, 04/23/2014

I have three dogs eating the Turkey and egg formula; they all love it. Luna has food sensitivities and this food has been wonderful for her, no more diarrhea. Layla is 13 and has a really sensitive stomach and is a very picky eater; she eats this food. And finally, there's Jasper. He is six months old and very healthy. He has been eating Turkey and Egg since he is four months old. All three have beautiful coats and lots of energy. We love brothers.

Reviewed by Min Pin Household, 04/23/2014

I buy Brothers Complete for my 2 elderly Min Pins. The one dog had trouble with skin eruptions (breakouts) on his belly and inner thighs. After using the allergy care dog food, his skin cleared and has remained healthy. The same dog had issues with his digestion. He would throw up bile frequently for no reason, he would want to go outside & eat grass to make himself throw up. He also had a dry cough, sneezing and asthma like episodes. I noticed this dog had involuntary muscle twitches on his legs of which the vet could not diagnose. All of these symptoms improved and some nearly gone away while eating a healthier diet. It is because they are eating grain and potato free. The education in the Brothers Document is very valuable information which every dog owner should read. I feel so guilty about not having this knowledge when my dogs were puppies. I can only feel comforted that I'm giving them the best nutritional support in their last chapter of life. Thank you so much...

Reviewed by Sandy Palmer, 04/23/2014

One of my dogs is a lab mix rescue dog I got when he was four months old. He had one eye missing and I figured no one else would take him so I did! I've had dogs continuously for 50 years, but "Jack" is the most incredible, smart, intuitive and incredible dog I've ever had. So naturally I was quite distressed when he was about 8 months old and started scratching at his ears like crazy, and I noticed a terrible smell coming from them and his feet. The vet diagnosed a yeast infection and put him on drugs for three weeks, which cleared it up. Unfortunately, it came back in three months.

Another round of drugs and absolutely NO other insight from three different vets. None of them ever mentioned a "leaky gut" but instead told me that he was probably getting the inside of his ears wet! (This is one lab who absolutely HATES going in water)! Like others, my vet told me to put him on Science Diet, which I refused to do because of the high corn content. I switched him to Canidae, which is a very good food, but he kept getting the infections and needing drugs about three to four times a year. It broke my heart. Like others, I searched all over the internet for an answer and finally found Brothers. Yes, it was very expensive, but how can you put a price on the health of your dog, who loves you and depends on you for his well-being?

Jack's last bad yeast infection was in November, 1913. The drugs cleared him up and while he was still on the meds I switched him to the Turkey and Egg formula food. I kept waiting and watching for another yeast outbreak, but it never came back! Every now and then he will still scratch his sides, but not much more than any dog would. He will also get that stinky odor on his feet, but it's so minor we just give him a bath with Malaseb and it takes care of it.

But in the 17 months he's been on the Brother's dog food, he has NEVER needed to go on medications!

One thing I would add is that I also feed Jack ONLY dog treats from Brothers. I am very leery of giving him anything else as anything off the shelf is either packed with corn, flour, or made in China. I also tell visitors to never give Jack any of their food. I try to keep his gut clean and the Brothers food helps me do it! Thank you so much! I have recommended this product to a friend of mine who has a Shih'tzu with constant scratching and other problems, and she just ordered her first bag two weeks ago. I'm sure she'll find a big difference, too.

Reviewed by Pat Watker, 04/22/2014

My 8 year old German Shepherd dog developed something that can only be described as colic-like episodes about 2 years ago. At first I thought she was experiencing a food allergy or food sensitivity to a protein. She’d have episodes where I could hear her stomach from across the room loudly churning. For about 6-8 hours she wouldn’t want to eat or drink or even go outside to relieve herself. She didn’t appear to be in pain with signs like heavy panting or walking in circles but just wanted to lay down and be left alone. Once the stomach churning ended she would be just fine – full of energy and playful, but would have horrible gas for several hours after each episode. I spent a small fortune at the Holistic vet’s office trying all type of modalities, which helped somewhat, but never really ended the episodes. Summer of 2013 she began having these episodes several times a week as opposed to once or twice a month and I really didn’t know what to do. I tried changing the novel protein to all types of exotic meats. Nothing was working. I finally went back to the Dog Food Advisor and saw the review for Brothers. At this point I had nothing to lose. I followed the instructions of feeding just the Turkey Allergy formula and only adding liver treats on occasion. I started it in August and figured I give it the 6 month try. And I was completely blown away and not from my dog’s gas, I might add! She got almost immediate relief. She still has very small episodes but they are so short-lived and very, very mild. They’re hardly a blip on the radar now. Thank you so much for this wonderful food that has made such a big difference in my dog’s life

Reviewed by Sherry Morin, 04/15/2014

We absolutely love the Turkey Meal & Egg Formula. We have 3 dogs that are on this and I have to say what a difference it makes in their fur, health and energy levels. I wouldn't want any other brand for my fur-babies.

Reviewed by Carla L, 04/14/2014

I have two German Shepherds that do so very well on brothers foods. I rotate between them for variety. My female has EPI which is a pancreatic disease which makes her not absorb nutrients. Her food gets ground in a blender then I add enzymes and this is the only food which has helped her gain weight with the enzymes plus both dogs poops are much smaller with this food! Thank you Brothers for such a quality product with NO recalls!

Reviewed by Effie Clark, 10/29/2013

I've been feeding my pibble Brothers Complete for a couple of years now and she is doing great on this food. I settled on this allergy formula because she seems to like it the best. Her weight ranges between 46 - 48 lbs and she eats 1-1/2 cups of this food a day (split between breakfast and dinner.) We have had her 3 years now and she is a beautiful dog despite her hard beginning and has a beautiful coat and tons of energy.

Reviewed by Monaghan Family, 10/27/2013

We researched MANY dog foods (being a Paralegal I couldn't help it!) and Brothers Complete is by far the best food out there! We have two toy rat terrier puppies (Daisy & Zoey were born 6-12-13) and we switched them over as soon as we could. They LOVE the food - mealtime lasts 3 minutes or less. Wish they'd eat slower so they could taste it. Ha ha!

Highly recommend this food. Really appreciate the extra mile this company goes to give us the best kibble possible...from the USA sourced ingredients to the small batches to the storage in a cold warehouse to the packaging. It's incredible.

We considered raw feeding but feel so comfortable with the quality and know that our pups are getting the best food.

Five stars all the way.

Reviewed by sjoshi, 08/23/2013

My 2 year old dachshund with a perpetually sensitive, diarrhea, and lately bloody diarrhea has so far taken well to this food - for the first time I am seeing the consistency improve from what it has been the past few months since I got him..
I've ordered a second time..so far so good..they even sent me a little treat in the order! :) thank you dogfoodadvisor + brotherscomplete!

Reviewed by Courtney Bettington, 08/08/2013

My dogs are getting close to finishing our second bag of Brothers food- one turkey and one beef. Thus far, our three boxers are thriving on the food. Our oldest boxer had been suffering from terrible digestive issues, despite many trips to the vet. Since switching to Brothers, she has not thrown up at all. Additionally, all three dogs are back to regular eating patterns and not skipping meals. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the changes Brothers has made in my dogs. Although feeding three dogs this food can be a bit pricey, there is no price I can put on the health and well-being of my furry kids.

Thank you for creating a truly outstanding food product for dogs! We will be ordering more of the Turkey and Egg very soon!

Reviewed by NHW, 07/12/2013

This has made a huge difference in my 11.5 year old Shepherd mix - her allergy issues significantly decreased, digestion improved, and she has more energy. Thank you for such a trusted and quality product!

Reviewed by DAVID, MIAMI FL, 06/25/2013

My three year old Chihuahua had suffered from allergies and digestive issues his whole adult life, until one day we tried Brothers Allergy Formula. He is a whole different happy little dog now, and he refuses to eat anything else. Thank you Brothers, your passion for great dog food has made my best friend a healthy one.

Reviewed by Robert M., 04/23/2013

This is by far the best investment I have made in my dogs food. For years I've been reading labels and trying to find the right combination for my little mix Yorkie/Chihuahua. He battles from skin disorders and food allergies like you don't believe. He would have break outs from certain dog foods that were supposed to be "good" for them.

He started losing his hair, severe dry skin (where pieces were just hanging in his coat), scratching, licking and itching every few seconds it seems. I mean it was absolutely miserable.

After much, much research I found Brothers Complete. Granted their prices are among the most expensive I have ever seen. But it is so worth it. My little dog has almost stopped itching, scratching and licking completely. No more break out rashes or hot spots all over his body. His hair looks so much better and is starting to grow back where it had fell out previously. No more bloating.

He has a lot more energy now and seems like a very happy dog.

This company is a godsend. I can't express my gratitude enough. Thanks Brothers Complete for making a very high quality and nutritious product for our pets. Just do us one favor and do not sell your company down the road like all the other scumbags have done. Don't ruin a great thing you all have here.

Big corporations don't care what are in the dog food. All they see is dollar signs and profit. They don't care for anyone but themselves.

Thanks again Brothers Complete.

Reviewed by Lisa Fillion, 03/19/2013

Thank You! Gunner has his coat back and his scratching is gone. He enjoys the food but the benefit is his allergies have improved significantly. An added benefit is my allergies have also improved because his coat no longer has mold on it which is my primary allergen. Win-Win for all! Thanks Again!

Reviewed by Tina Cox, 03/14/2013

Maggie is 5 years old and has had trouble with ear infections and yeast every since we got her as a baby.. but in the last 2 years maggie had gotten to licking her feet so bad that she would make them bleed and have sores so bad on them that my house would look like someone was killed from all the blood. we could leave out to go for supper and come back with blood everywhere. vet bills were killing us, we went to several different ones and most told us it was yeast and infection in the ears gave us meds that didn't help much at all , would clear up some but would come right back.

Before i found Brothers, Maggies hair was coming out everywhere and she didn't look good at all and she didn't play as much . I am almost at the end of my second bag of brothers allergy food and just ordered another one. I have been waiting to see how she did before i wrote a review, but we can't get over how big of a difference your dog food has made. Her coat is so much better her hair just shines and is so soft now!she still loses some but hopefully in a few more months that will stop too. i have had to vacuum everyday for the last 2 years because her hair was coming out so bad. i still vacuum but i don't see no where near that much hair. her feet still don't have all her hair back yet but she doesn't lick as much now, just looks like she licks to clean her self. she use to have spots all over her belly that were red and dry skin spots , she still has problems under one of her arms where the extra rolls of skin are and another place near her privates. but everywhere else looks great!

This food has made a huge difference in our sweet Maggie. My life for the last 2 years where nothing but a nightmare. I spent months on end just staying home so she wouldn't lick and cause sores that would get infected and back to the vet again for antibotics. Her ears look so much better too. Wish i had known of brothers along time ago...but i can't thank u enough for taking the time to learn what dogs need and to make this great dog food. I only ask that you always stay in business and keep making Brothers Allergy dog food. Don't change a thing unless it is better for our loved babies. lol Thanks so much for all you do!!!!!! Tina Cox

Reviewed by Lance, 02/27/2013


Thanks for all of your help and guidance over the past 6 months. We have been feeding both dogs the Allergy Formula and the White Meat Formula, mixed 1/2 and 1/2. Their coats are absolutely gorgeous and everyone comments on how soft their hair is. Poodles have hair, not fur. I have spent a substantial amount of money over the past few years on, so called "top quality food" and nothing compares to the results we have seen with your product. They are doing better on your food than a raw diet! No more runny eyes, bowel and constipation problems, no itchy irritated paws, etc. I truly believe based on my trial and error that Brothers is the absolute best kibble on the market and my dogs will not be given any other brand. Plus, my dogs are crazy about the food! I highly encourage anyone that is interested in keeping their dogs in the best health possible to give your product a try. Keep up the great work!


Reviewed by Patty V, 01/20/2013

I have a Border Collie that was showing all the signs for leaky gut, systemic yeast infection, food intolerences, inconsistant bowels, IBS. I started him on Brothers Complete Allergy Formula, at Richard Darlington's suggestion, at the beginning of September. I got all the advice I could want about what to expect as my dog healed from this condition including the warning that it may take 8 or 9 months before he is completely better. It took 2 1/2 months before I was no longer seeing any symptoms, but my dog now looks and acts like a normal healthy dog. Richard says to keep him in it for 2 more months to make sure and he has never steered me wrong, so that is what I'll do. But I'm looking forward to the day when Micah can try all the Brothers flavors. Thanks Brothers for all you do for our pets.

Reviewed by Paula Martinez, 12/30/2012

I was thrilled to find this allergy.formula for my lab mix, Kasha. She absolutely loves it! After many vet bills and all kinds of foods i tried, this one definitely did the trick. Her coat shines, she's healthy, energetic and her allergies have ceased a bit. She has been on this fod for about 8 months and I truly.hope she will eventuall stop itching completely. The best part is she doesn't throw up anymore, no stomach issues and no more vet bills!!! Thank you Brothers complete for your awesome products!!!

Reviewed by reggi, 11/16/2012

I'm happy with my dog's response to this food. She has many allergies and this hasn't made her
situation worse and am hoping it will help her over the long haul. I made the switch to Brothers because it is
made from 100% sourced of
USA products VERY important especially with pet foods these days. I started my cat on Brothers also and his coat which was nice prior is even more so now his dandruff problem is going away. My only complaint really is that the BAGs just don't hold up as well as they should. I like to keep the food in original bag as it is supposed to keep better but all three of my 25lb bags have not been able to last until completed. All in all I think Brothers is doing a great job and hope they stay the course and not sell out to some larger
corporation which always spoils good dog foods when they take over and change up everything.
Thanks for a great product.
Charley Booger Brown &

Reviewed by Javier Garcia, 11/05/2012

I've been feeding Brothers allergy formula to my Dachshund for over a year now. He started with allergies after he turned 2. The vet specifically told me to feed him sience diet(perscribed). I did, and it got worse! I had Blu on many med's and was giving him bath's every day according to the vet's instructions. I made his ordeal twice as bad. I looked on the internet for month's trying to find an allergy dog food that would cure his terrible skin conditions. The vet even told me after my 5th visit that it was because my dog had a grey coat that was pre-determined for the type of allergies he was having. My dog is a piebald and I thought she made sense. She was so wrong! She continued saying that all dogs should be on science diet or iams. After all her nonsense, I searched and finally found Brother's Complete Allergy formula from dogfoodadvisor.com.
I fed him this food for 2 months and he was at least 75% better. I did not want to write any reviews thinking it was going to come back. It has been 2 years now and my Blu has been allergy free since the first two bags. You don't know how it feels to finally see him happy and not chewing on his behind, and the constant licking of his paws...and no more yeast infections, nor patches of bald spots caused by all the infections he had. I know this is a long review, but I want anyone who reads this to know that Brother's allergy formula has cured my dog and I am so very Thankful to this company! If you read my review and have gone through what I have gone through, you will thank yourself for listening to me and to all the reviews below.
Thanks again!!!

Reviewed by Johanna Caudill, 10/29/2012

I found Brothers searching on the internet for a solution to my dachshunds terrible skin allergies that I have been fighting since she was a puppy. I ordered the Allergy formula, and after 2 weeks, she is so much better, I don't have to give her a prescription allergy pill everyday anymore. Her skin is clearing up and she has more energy! I am thrilled and I'm sure she feels so much better too! I will be ordering regularly!

Reviewed by Carolyn Elaine Segers, 09/08/2012

We ordered the allergy formula along with some of the samples of the other formulas. It has only been a little over a week, and our terrier's stomach issues already seem to be improving. Our cocker who isn't usually too enthusiastic about the food we were using really loves this stuff. We will be ordering more!!

Reviewed by Linda Boswell, 08/30/2012

In the last 6 months I have got my 5 little dogs on grain free dog food. I have tried several 5 star brands,after some research on dog food I tried Brothers Allergy formula,my yorkies & Pom. love it and are doing great on it.I have ordered 3 times now and I'm so happy with the fast service.I want the best for my dogs and I think I have found it.Thank you Brothers for your wonderful products with no recalls!

Reviewed by cindy bohl, 08/28/2012

My black german shepherd, Buddy was having constant ear infections, black belly skin, lesions and hair loss. After a local groomer suggested allergies, I started looking for a healthier food. I found Bothers allergy to fit the bill. After emailing Richard with a few questions, he gave me his phone number to talk over Buddy's symptoms. He suggested leaky gut syndrome. I researched it and believe that to be Buddy's issue.
After changing to Brothers allergy, Buddy's ears have been clean, his belly skin is pink again and he has more spunk. He has a way to go to get clean, but I believe that Brother's and Richards help have saved him.

Reviewed by Lance Hyatt, 08/17/2012

After a year of research and trying of the "top"rated dog foods, I stumbled upon Brothers. I had numerous discussions with the owner via email and he answered all of my questions and concerns. My dogs have now been on the Allergy formula for one month and the results have been outstanding. Their coats are gorgeous, eyes are clearer than ever, no gas and no bowel movement issues. Best kibble in the market. Once you try it, you won't want to feed your dog anything else.

Reviewed by Minky's Mom, 05/04/2012

Thank you Brothers for making this wonderful formula that my little Maltese LOVES! I feel good that she is not only getting food that she enjoys but also food that is so healthy for her. She has sensitive skin and since she has been on this food, all of the itchy spots have cleared up! I would encourage you to try this kibble if you haven't already. You and your dog will be happy you did!

Reviewed by Sue Lukach, 05/04/2012

I played around with numerous high quality dog foods for my cairn who scratches/itches something terrible. I even tried the raw diet. Nothing worked until I started her on Brothers allergy formula. THANK YOU Brothers!

Reviewed by Frances W., 04/19/2012

My family loves brothers complete! I switched because my dog Odette is a french bulldog with terrible food allergies. After trying SIX different foods, I discovered Brothers Complete and she no longer scratches since we switched her to the Allergy Formula!!! I have since recommended brothers complete to my parents who have 2 chocolate labs with allergies and now we all use Allergy Formula to feed all of our pets!

Reviewed by w martin, 04/12/2012

my rescue labX had severe skin issues. i didn't want to have her on rabbit formula, antibiotics and steroids. my groomer alerted me to the possibility of systemic yeast, and after some research i put her on this food. grain-free, white potato-free, with added enzymes and probiotics. and the added benefit of help and information from Aaron (thanks, Aaron!).
the going is slow, i was warned it might take over 6 months given how malnourished and sickly she was. additionally, she is a very nervous self-mutilator w. separation anxiety issues. unsurprising, given her history of being locked up and isolated. but she is definitely getting better and she has beautiful, thick, soft and shiny hair where she doesn't scratch or bite. and when she does do damage to herself she heals quickly. one of my other dogs, who has always been a very picky eater, loves this food too. shipping is quick---the food arrives carefully packaged at my door (in CA) about a wk after i place the order.

Reviewed by Megan Jimenez, 03/10/2012

Brothers Complete Allergy dog food exceeded my expectations. After years of searching for high-quality dog food and being sorely dissapointed (the expensive brands actually exacerbated my dog's symptoms), I had resigned to living with a very smelly, gassy dog with chronic ear infections. The ear infections were so bad she would violently shake her head all day and night, preventing the household from sleeping soundly. Her excessive scratching and licking of the ears, paws, and groin area was chalked up by vets as anxiety and boredom. Then six months ago she started to turn down meals, vomit bloody vile on a regular basis, and scratch the hair off the back of her ears. Having always been a bit of a piggy, I was quite concerned. Her stomach would growl so loud it sounded like a screeching cat inside. The vet recommended Pepcid AC for stomach acid, which was helpful, but not a cure. After extensive research I found Brothers Complete. I was skeptical, but figured one last try couldn't hurt. I slowly added in Brothers Complete to her old food. She continued to vomit for the first 1-2 weeks, but then her symptoms began to go away! I'm still on the first bag and already her energy has doubled, her coat is no longer slimy and odorous, her licking and scratching is significantly reduced, there have been no ear infections, and her stomach now only growls on an intermittent basis. As a career student, I hope the price stays stable. Brothers Complete has transformed my middle-aged dog.

Reviewed by Stacey Jones, 02/02/2012

After 3 consecutive ear infections for our Ridgeback, the vet indicated she might have food sensitivities/allergies. That made sense, since her skin tended to be dry, she chewed on her feet/nails, and overall she seemed to have sensitive skin. After much research, I settled on Brothers Complete Allergy food - and I'm so glad I found it! During the transition from her old over the counter food to Brothers Complete, I started to see, and feel, a difference in her coat. So much softer and smoother. Since we've transitioned over completely now (almost done with our first bag), I can't believe some of the changes. Her ears, which were always 'freckled' (per the Vet), are now completely clear, her coat is amazing, and surprisingly - she's acting like a puppy again (she's 18 months). No complaints from her on the food - thanks for a great product!

Reviewed by Lori Diggs, 01/28/2012

I am the proud mommy of 4 toy poodles. I have tried several "grain free" foods to help with their allergies. After much frustration and searching on the internet, I found Brother's Complete Allergy formula on the dog food advisor. I decided to give this grain free, potato free formula a try. All I can say is - I wish I had found it sooner! My dogs LOVE the taste and after a few weeks of being on it -no more itching or runny eyes!Their coats are shiny and soft & their stool are nice and firm for easy pick up. I am soooo happy I found Brother's! Please don't ever change!

Reviewed by Roberta Jackson, TX, 01/12/2012

For over a year my daughter's Corgi had diarrhea. We tried everything, including the "prescription" food the vet put her on. I finally took it on myself to do my own research. After reading an article about "leaky gut syndrome", we put Bella on probiotics and researched foods without grains and starches. Brothers Complete fit the bill AND included probiotics and enzymes. Since being fed Brothers Complete Allergy Formula (about 5 months now), Bella's diarrhea has cleared up and she is a completely different dog. Her energy level has increased tremendously and her overall health has improved. We look forward to trying the other "flavors" and the new grain free, potato free biscuits!

Thank you Brothers for creating such a wonderful products!

Reviewed by debbie soos hanahan,sc, 01/08/2012

brothers allergy formula was recommended to me by richard and my boston terrier that had alot of gas problems and digestive issues has certainly calmed down alot since i have been feeding the allergy formula. works great and i love getting it shipped to my home!

Reviewed by Alexandra Brewer, 01/03/2012

This is the best kibble ever. My German Shepherd, Dante had horrible yeasty ears, hair loss, skin lesions, and constant diarrhea for as long as I had him, from eight weeks of age. Finally after stumbling upon the Dog Food Advisor website, I gave Brothers a try. Within two weeks the diarrhea was gone, no more yeasty ears, all his hair grew back, no more lesions. He is now a gorgeous black shepherd, his coat is magnificent. He is a healthy 16 month old.

Thank you so much for the wonderful product!

Reviewed by peter london, 11/27/2011

We love the brothers allergy formula. It has made a tremendous difference with our labarador retriever. His coat is shinner and he never has dry skin anymore. He stomach is a lot better because of this food. He had very bad intestinel problems with digestion. There is no more throwing up or diarhea. I would recommend this food for everyone who wants a healthier happier dog. Thank you Brothers!